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It is your hard earned money. It is your valuable time spent. Get it back!

We are a globally-recognized leader in effective receivables management services, 1st & 3rd party B2B Collections, and Creditor’s Rights Enforcement services. In business since 2006, we partner with Law firms as well as specialized and boutique Commercial Collection Agencies

We focus only on Business-to-Business (B2B) Claims

Specialists in large collection matters ($10,000 to $1 million)
New clients welcome (1 claim or hundreds) – average claim size must exceed $2,000
We only work with Attorney’s, Legal Assistants, Investigators and Bonded Collectors that have 10+ years of experience.


Most agencies will have a cookie-cutter process to collections. Customers, clients, industries, economies and your needs are forever evolving and there is no one shoe fits all approach

What rarely changes are the core principles and tools of the collection processes. Our approach is to jointly evaluate your needs and what your industry responds to and then find the best solution.

How much should it cost

While it is important to get competitive rates, some much more important questions would be: How safe is my money with the agency I am looking at? What are their remit policies? Are they bonded to protect us from liability? How efficiently do they work my accounts? How important am I as a client to them?

How It Works

Give us a call to discuss your situation. If your claim is qualified for our services, we will provide a written estimate. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to a well-suited colleague in our network.

You simply supply us with the basic details of the debt and the desired outcome. You may just want your money recovered, while in some instances you may want your money and retain your customer as a client. We will then partner you with the best partner for your specific situation.

We partner with Law firms as well as specialized and boutique bonded Commercial Collection Agencies. Not all law firms and collection agencies are equal across all niches and situations.

Our Services

Commercial Collections Consulting

Commercial collections also known as (B2B) business-to-business debt collection. The collection of debts owed by one business to another owed for a business or agricultural transaction.

Our debt recovery methods efficiently manage all aspects of collections, from investigations to payment plans. Discover the comprehensive recovery services that sets our network apart from other commercial collections agencies and collection attorneys.


Claim Collections

While our network takes claims of all sizes (average claim size must be $2,000 or more), we are recognized experts on large claims.

When you are owed $25,000, $50,000, $200,000 or over $1 million, it typically is not a basic collection matter. And the amount owed to you is much more important to you than a smaller claim.

International Clients

and International Collections

Are you located outside of the U.S. and having difficulties dealing with U.S. based companies?  Our network understands your hurdles. 

Are you based here in the U.S. or even a foreign-based company that is having difficulties collecting from foreign-based companies? We have a partner for you!

Oil & Gas

Debt Collections

Oil and Gas debt collection is a specialized area of commercial collections with unique recovery challenges.

We work with bonded collectors and collection attorneys that specifically deal with the collection of oil and gas industry receivables and the use of oil and gas mineral liens to liquidate claims.

Questions, Answers & More

Hiring A Collection Agency NOW vs. Later

Studies have shown that the longer a receivable is past due, the lower the likelihood of collecting. For example, on average only 74% of receivables that are 3 months past due are collected. The implication: the longer you wait before taking more assertive action to collect past due receivables, the lower the likelihood you will get paid.

What is the average collection rate for a collection agency

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Why hire A Commercial Collection Agency or commercial Collection Attorney vs. a Regular Collection Agency

A commercial collection agency uses a variety of methods to pursue debt collections, including gathering information under the auspices of an audit, hiring a private detective, or keeping track of collection deadlines in order to maximize collection efforts.

When common collection methods such as phone calls, sending repeat notices and threatening the debtor with a lawsuit fail, an agency may contact the debtor and claim to be auditing receivables for your company. While talking to the debtor, the collector may mention that the audit has uncovered some overdue invoice amount that is owed to your company. They then can present the debtor with payment options. Oftentimes, to avoid the possibility of an audit, the debtor will choose to pay the debt off quickly.

For debtors who are more difficult to collect from, your agency may hire a private detective or may even have private detectives on staff. Private detectives know lots of ways to locate debtors who no longer answer their phone, have changed phone numbers, or have no known forwarding address. Once located, the debtor may be motivated to pay the debt in order to escape further inquiries. Private detectives may also determine if the debtor has any assets such as a house or any other businesses.

What is the average collection rate for a collection agency

The cost of hiring a debt collection agency varies based on the volume of business you provide and the amount of the debts to be collected. Some collection agencies charge a flat fee upfront to take on a fixed number of accounts. But, most take a percentage of the debts they collect, ranging anywhere from 20% to 50%.

Minimum Considerations For Hiring A Collection Agency

The agency should be fully computerized and have software which gives you the information you need to measure that agency’s effectiveness.

It should have a separate trust account into which all your funds are deposited and remain until they are remitted. The agency’s fee should not be taken from the trust account until you are paid.

Within 24 hours of receipt of a claim, an acknowledgment should be sent to you, and both written and verbal demands should be made on the debtor. Based on the results of the first debtor contact, follow-up should be made on a day-to-day basis, without harassment, to assure the greatest net return to the client.

A written report should get sent to you within five working days of receipt of the claim. If urgent, a verbal report should be made with a written follow-up for the file. Within 30 days of the first report, a status and recommendation report should be sent to you.All recommendations for a payment schedule, settlement, or legal action should include substantial amount of information about the background for the recommendation.

Is a local or national collection agency best for you

When it comes to debt collection, being local is not critical. The effectiveness of a commercial collection agency is determined far more by the background and training of the collectors, the collection approach, persistence, timely follow-up, and ferreting out myth from reality. Most work is done over the phone or by fax; most research is done via Internet and phone – so location is not a factor.


Credit Enforcer | Commercial Collections Consulting

Your company’s financial health is our priority, our debt collection specialists are located throughout the world to support your collection of outstanding invoices in any country, time zone, currency, and language.

Discover how easy it is to place a debt with us and start your collection process!